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5 Things You Must Know About Staircases

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People have usually invested a lot of money on their kitchens and bathrooms, bedrooms which are usually out of view and just have a lifetime of around ten years. Staircases in a home are completely another topic that has been overlooked in the last fifty years but is now getting importance. Today, a staircase may be the central design element that can change the whole interior design of a home. There are many factors you should consider before choosing staircase design for your home. Some of them are discussed below;


MaterialWooden staircases are available in various types like Beech, Oak, Doussie, Wenge, Teak, Iroko and with several finishes such as oil, bleached, polyurethane varnishes and many others. The thickness of the stairs and riser can vary from 73mm to 80mm base on the width of the staircase.

Size and Design – Generally, many people consider stairs as one of the most important aspects while planning home design. But various others think that stairs are only a platform that links other portions to each others. You can find so many online companies that will help you in the selection of right staircase specially the material, design and style of the home interior. Each staircase has a unique size and design, and simultaneously it is extremely safe and useful in daily use.


Sturdiness – Other than wood, Stainless steel is also a well known material for contemporary staircases, very useful both for its durability and its appearance. Though it’s commonly related with very clean, smart structures, it can be used in different types and you can highlight its features with different finishes, portray clean lines and infuse light and so on. A fantastic combination of glass with steel or wood is another beautiful type of contemporary staircases. With so many options and designs to select from, next time you walk up your own stairs by considering its amazing prospective!

Standard – Your staircase styling should match the rest of your’s house, so do not try to combine two significantly different designs. Floor covering and stone are well-liked traditional elements, whilst steel and floating wood steps are a trendy option. You can also get creative touch by using the railing. A traditional style rail might help make wood treads modern, or an ornate metal railing can help improve the Mediterranean feel. In fact, the appearance is important, you need to consider functionality. If you have young children, an open railing or hard steel steps are not a good option.

Finishing – When stairs are installed badly, they can make the whole area look a mess. Considering that a lot of people, when they are planning to improve their homes, keep the stairs as a very last thing to be final. To get an idea on staircase design, you can find several contemporary staircase designs online that will make your home look fantastic.

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Plaster Cornice Design For Crown Molding Which Will Enhance Dramatically Your Rooms

Home | Home and Garden | Plaster Cornice Design For Crown Molding Which Will Enhance Dramatically Your Rooms

Decorating Plaster Cornice and moldings are not always considered yet they can genuinely contribute to a room renovation. They add style and elegance and there’re a lot to choose.

Plaster Cornice

You may imagine installing cornices and also moldings are out of your abilities, however, there are a few great kits for you to purchase that will make you seem like a professional and all can be achieved in a weekend. These kits come with pre-cut corners and no nails required. There are many styles to choose from, up-to-date to classic, there is something for all tastes. Painting of these kits is straightforward to as they come ready and can be colored before they are installed.

There are lots of cornice designs for crown molding, for instance:

Plaster – these are not costly, however,  they do have drawbacks and they’re: they can be extremely heavy; can break if knocked or fallen; they are very laborious and they do not seem to be water-proof.

Polystyrene - the advantages of polystyrene products are that they’re installed with a glue applicator; cost-effective and also water-resistant. The disadvantages are: they can dent,  simply; acrylic or water based glues can only be utilized; they are going to change color with time and need repainting; also the patterns are not as clear.

Polyurethane – the advantages of this product is that they won’t dent, chip or crack; any kind of paint and also glue can be used; but they’re dearer. As cornices are only for adornment they can hide any failings in the wall and ceiling joints and cover ceilings and walls that are not straight.

Wood Cornices are practical and also striking. They might be used by a plate rack in a kitchen or dining area. Or dress up those tired looking kitchen cabinets, they can improve your kitchen without having to go to great cost. And you will also have that stylish look to your kitchen. They might also be colored or decorated. Having a crackle paint treatment on these cornices can give the room a cottage look.

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