Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Essential to Small Business Owners

Small business owners always ask me, “Why should I pay to have my website optimized”? For everyone who has asked me that question, this posting is for you! (If you already are familiar with SEO, this post will be a quick refresher. )

While there are many reasons, point blank, without a good SEO strategy you might as well not have a website! Search marketing is just as important to your business’ survival as traditional marketing methods, and should be in every small business owner’s marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization Edmonton

SEO is essential for success in the online world, without it customers would have no way of finding your website. The problem for many small business owners is that SEO is a time-consuming process, one which many business men and women simply don’t have time for. However, I cannot stress enough that good SEO practices are a must for getting (and keeping) a high ranking in the organic search engine listings such as “Google”, “Yahoo” and “Ask”. A high ranking translates into more traffic getting directed to your website, which means more opportunity for you to get more clients.

Good SEO consists of at least the following elements:

Keyword Research and Optimization — Optimizing for competitive keyword phrases and achieving a top position will increase your traffic. However, if you are optimized for the wrong keyword phrases you could achieve higher traffic but would result in few people converting (buying or sales leads) for your products or services.

Link building — Link building is probably among the most popular SEO techniques used by website owners and marketers when increasing their site’s visibility across the web. Building links forms the mainframe of SEO operations, which in turn helps contribute quality traffic to one’s site. A good link building campaign’s foundation is in smart keyword research. Good keyword research, along with a link building campaign properly executing your keywords, is key to increasing quality traffic to your website.

Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases — Content is king. Adding useful, informational material to your website instantly improves its SEO health and page rankings. Having anchor text embedded in quality content on high page rank websites instantly increase your sexiness in Google.

I’ve barely touched the surface of search engine optimization, but I wanted to give my small business owners a quick overview of why SEO is important. Website optimization is inevitable for any online business. With so much profit available in nearly all online markets, the competition is becoming so fierce that most businesses will find it financially impossible to compete online unless search engine optimization is a main component of their marketing strategy.

Do you need more customers for your business?

If you want to attract more customers for your company, invest in SEO. Investing in SEO is investing in the future.

Being or not being that is the difference between you and your competition.